VAN/Truck and Trailer Mobile Workshop Refurbishment for Line Maintenance Activity


Ideal-Truck, with more than 10 years experience and main Company of Ideal-Fly provide the Design and Customisation of the Van/Truck and Trailer Mobile Workshop, taking into account the peculiarities of the Apron Airside Line Maintenance activity such as Line Transit, Daily and Weekly Check, including also the related tooling thermoformed allotment.


Utilising the best material and equipment available on the European Market the Van/truck mounting and the dressing can be taylored in accordance with every Maintenance Organisation requirements and needs.


If you need a brand new van, we are able to provide with our or if prefer your Leasing Company, the EEC vehicle registration.


Due to the increasing and restrictive safety airport standards that are appling within airside areas, we are aware of the difficulty and the time consuming to enter and exit within the Custom Aiport Area with an equipped Van. For this matter, we are pleased to propose you a new project called "Line Maintenance Trailer". A customizable Mobile Workshop with different equipment and sizes that can be left and moved inside the Airport Apron Area, without any restrictions, with a very limited budget requirements.



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