Engine Wash Unit


This project has been developed in collaboration with Aircraft Engineers, to find the right solution to meet the needs of various operators based in different airports.

The vehicle is equipped with 3 tanks, 1 for cleaned water, 1 for rinse, 1 for waste.

With this equipment is possible also collect all contaminated waste and transport to the dedicated waste disposal center.

The unit is independent. Is it possible heating the water with a generator, and in case of needs it can maintain the water warm for the next cycles.

The entire project is finalized to keep as much as possible reduced dimension and the unit can be mounted on a different trailers.

Based on our test done with our partner, Engine Wash Unit is a complete unit can permit to perform this kind of job in respect of all requirements, respect the environment and have short turn around time.



For any further information and details, you can contact us directly at: info@ideal-fly.com.