Who we are


Ideal-Fly was born from the merger of two different but complementary knowledge and experiences.


Marcello, the founder, grew up on the dusty world of the rally racing world cup with the Team of MARTINI RACING, and then on the racing circuits of GT group together with Audi Sport Italia. Along these years he successfully learned the valuable art to invent and manufacture the missing components, or the special tools still needed to cross the finish line, to reach the target to bring the team on the winner’s stage.

In the 2001 he founded Ideal-Truck, making his experience available to the market.

The other partners of Ideal-Fly, are holding more than 10 years of experience in almost every corner of the commercial aviation world. 


Ideal-Fly also enjoys the cooperation of experienced aviation professionals, active both in the Maintenance and in the Airworthiness Management Organisations of international aviation companies.


The Company is based very close (15 Km) to Milan Malpensa Intercontinental Airport, thus making us available to support anyone around the world in the shortest possible time.